10 years of VeloSano

As the visual communication and design team behind VeloSano, we are thrilled to be a part of a movement that has not only made a significant impact on the community, but has also shown remarkable resilience and growth over the past decade.

Latin for “swift cure”, VeloSano is Cleveland Clinic’s year-round initiative for cancer research. VeloSano’s flagship event is Bike to Cure, an annual bike ride in downtown Cleveland, but fundraising continues all year long through Trike & Bike and other community-hosted events. Their total for the 2023 fundraising year was a staggering $14.4 million.

Working with Cleveland Clinic and the VeloSano team has been an incredible journey for us since 2014, and we’d like to share the significance of this milestone and the dedication that goes into making these events a reality year after year.

A Decade of Impact

The first VeloSano Bike to Cure event in 2014

VeloSano’s 10-year anniversary is not just another milestone; it’s a testament to the dedication of their participants, donors, volunteers, and the entire community. Over the past ten years, the events have raised more than $51 million, advancing over 200 cancer research projects and giving hope to countless individuals and families affected by this devastating disease. VeloSano has become a beacon of hope, a symbol of unity, and a powerful force for change in the fight against cancer.

The Role of Design

While the cyclists take the spotlight for Bike to Cure weekend, our team works behind the scenes to ensure that the event is not just a successful fundraiser, but also an unforgettable experience for everyone involved. Our role is to create a visual identity that encapsulates the spirit and mission of VeloSano, evoking emotions and driving engagement. Here’s a glimpse into what goes into our work:

1. Branding: Designing the VeloSano and event logos, color schemes, and promotional materials that are instantly recognizable and convey the initiative’s purpose. We named and created the brand ten years ago, and this year, we were proud to debut a new logo and treatment designed to further tie VeloSano with Cleveland Clinic and distinguish it as its own entity outside of Bike to Cure.

2. Marketing Collateral: Crafting eye-catching social graphics, email marketing, print brochures, digital assets and animations to spread the word about VeloSano and motivate individuals to participate in its various events.

3. Web Design and Development: Creating an intuitive and user-friendly Impact Report that allows participants to understand the direct impact of their fundraising on cancer research at Cleveland Clinic each year.

4. Event Merchandise: Designing unique and stylish merchandise; from t-shirts to water bottles, that participants proudly wear and use, creating a sense of belonging to the VeloSano community.

5. Event Signage: Transforming parts of downtown Cleveland into an inviting and immersive experience with signage, banners, and decorations that convey the mission and inspire participants.

As we celebrate VeloSano’s 10-year anniversary, we recognize that their success is the result of a collective effort. Our design team is just one piece of the puzzle, working alongside passionate participants, dedicated volunteers, generous donors, and the entire community.

As we look to the future, our commitment to VeloSano remains unwavering. We will continue to pour our creativity and dedication into this incredible iniative, knowing that each year, we come closer to the day when cancer is no longer a threat. VeloSano’s 10-year anniversary is a testament to what we can achieve when we come together for a cause that truly matters. Here’s to another decade of progress, hope, and change.

Together, we are VeloSano. Together, to cure cancer.

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