Crafting a Narrative: What If…

At Mueller Design, we believe in the power of storytelling to evoke emotions and inspire action. Recently, we had the privilege of working on a project that let us play with this philosophy: creating a teaser video for the annual World Medical Innovation Forum (WMIF) in Boston.

The WMIF conference seeks to narrow the innovation gap between healthcare invention, funding, and delivery to patients. A diverse audience of investors, clinicians, industry executives, entrepreneurs, and government leaders, convene at the Forum to uniquely respond to this enduring challenge.

Beyond simply promoting the event, our task was to weave a narrative that would elicit compassion for patients, ignite passion for medical research, and convey to viewers that if they care about those things, this an experience they can’t miss. Focusing on the emotional connection can be a more compelling first touchpoint with prospective attendees than simply laying out facts; it’s hard to get invested in an infomercial. Event details would come with later videos; we needed to hook them first.

This goal led us to structure the video around the question, “What if…?”

World Medical Innovation Forum 2024 “What If…” Teaser Video

Each “What If…” vignette is a microcosm of hope and possibility, showcasing the tireless dedication of researchers, doctors, and innovators who work to defy the odds and rewrite the future of medicine, and how this carries over to the lives of patients. We offer glimpses into a world where the impossible becomes possible, where science merges with compassion to change lives.

Central to the narrative is the invitation to the World Medical Innovation Forum—an invitation not just to attend an event but to be part of a movement. Through stirring visuals of patients at the crescendo of the video, we convey the urgency of collective action, inviting viewers to join hands with visionaries from across the globe in shaping the future of healthcare; something they wouldn’t dream of missing out on.

As we reflect on the journey of creating this teaser, we are reminded of the transformative power of storytelling. In a world inundated with information, compelling stories can cut through the noise, touch our hearts, and inspire us to action.

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